DailyQuotes: The best bot to send quotes to your server. If a channel is set every day at ``10 AM UTC`` a quote will be sent. The bot has over 2,000 random quotes that can be sent to your server each
List of all of Daily Quotes commands:
Built to make setting it up easy view below for the setup guide
/set_channel - Use this to choose your channel. Make sure the bot has permissions in it and you are all set
/set_quotetype - Sets the type of quote your server wants. We offer General, Anime, Movie, and Developer Quotes
/set_language - Sets the language for DailyQuotes when sending. Default is English
/set_pingrole - Sets a role to ping for when the bot sends a Daily Quote
Other Commands
/translate_quote - Gives you a quote in your own language
/help - Sends general information on the bot
/quote - Give you a random quote
/uptime - Gives you the uptime of the bot
/ping - Shows the ping of the bot
/support - Sends you the support server invite
/submit - Submits a quote and author that can be possibly used within out DataBase
/privacy_policy - Information on how we store and what the data is used for
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