Settings up Server Quotes

How to setup server quotes

/setup_serverquotes - Runs the basic setup to add server quotes to your server

/approvalchannel - Sets a channel where quotes go to get approved

/sendquotetochannel - If approvalchannel is set, it will send the quote there once someone suggests one. This must be set to true for this to work

/approvalstatus - True = On | False = Off. It is recommended to keep this on so admins can manually approve quotes.

/manual_customquote - Allows you to manually add a quote for review rather then adding a discord message

/serverquotes - Allows you to view all quotes

  • Optional arguments

    • Filtering by user

    • Filtering by quote id

/remove_serverquote - Removes a server quote with the quote id found in the /serverquote command

Setting up additional roles to configure quotes

/add_admin_role - Allows anyone with a added role to approve/deny quotes

/add_blacklist_role - Blacklist's someone from adding server quotes

/remove_admin_role - Removes an a role from being able to manage quotes

/remove_blacklist_role - Removes a role from being blacklisted for adding quotes

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