This page will deal with any settings commands. Please note, all commands below REQUIRE ADMINISTRATION

/setup - A setup guide that lets you configure the bot

/set quotetype - Sets the quote type of the bot

  • You can set one of the following

    • General Quotes

    • Anime Quotes

    • Movie Quotes

    • Developer Quotes

    • Motivational Quotes

    • Self Improvement Quotes

    • Game Quotes

/set channel - Sets the channel for the daily quote

/set thread_channel - Sets the thread channel for the daily quote

/set time - Sets the time for the daily quote

  • Premium Required

/set pingrole - Sets the role that the bot pings when it sends the daily quote

/set language - Sets the language of the bot. See here for the full list of supported languages

/reset_settings - Resets settings of the bot

  • You can reset the following aspects:

    • Channel

    • Ping Role

    • QuoteType

    • Language

    • Time

    • Color

    • Reset Everything (Bot goes back to when you first invitied it)

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