Setting up DM Quotes

How to setup DM Quotes. Please note premium is required for DM Quotes. All command must be run in bots dms

/dm enable_quotes - Either enables or disable quotes for direct messages

/dm quotetype - Sets the quotetype

/dm pinging - Whether you want to be pinged when a quote is sent

/dm language - The language you want the quote to be in (default is English)

/dm color - The color you want your embed

/dm quotestyle - Whether you want picture or embed quotes

/dm picture - The picture type if picture quotes is enabled

/dm fill_color - Fill color for the words in picture quotes

/dm outline_color - Outline color for the words in picture quotes

/dm time - The time you want the quote sent

/dm test_quote - Sends a test quote to your dms

/dm config - Shows the configuration of dm quotes

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