Privacy Policy

What does the bot store and how is that data used?

We store the following:

-Server ID

-Channel ID that is set for Daily Quotes

-Language that was set by administrator

-Ping Role that was set by administrator

How are these things used?

-The Server ID is used to differentiate each server from each other

-The Channel ID is stored so the bot can send the quotes

-The Language is stored so the daily quotes can be translated

-The Ping ID is stored so daily quotes can ping a role when the quote is sent

Who has access to this data?

-The only people who have access are the two developers and the bot. In which all of us are trusted.

Do we share this data with anyone?

-No. The data stored on our on server database does not get shared with anyone.

I no longer want my server information on there. How can I get it removed?

-You can contact us via our discord. Message Tinyy#3205

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