Webhook Transition

If you are here you most likely came from the error that looks something like:
"Error: I am missing Manage Webhooks permissions in this channel!"
Recently we have been experiencing rate limits with discord when sending the daily quotes. To combat this we have decided it would be best just to switch to webhooks. The bot will no longer send daily quotes from its self rather it will now create and use a webhook from your channel.
Questions you may have:
  • Can we switch between bot messages and webhooks for daily quotes?
    • No, we have moved away from the bot sending messages due to rate limits
  • Do you store the webhook link anywhere?
    • Nope! The bot will first check if it has permissions within the desired channel if it does it scans to see if there is a webhook labeled "Daily Quotes" if there is it will use that one, if not it will create a new one. And the bot is the only one who has access to the URL. (Besides server admins)
  • Is anything going to change with this switch?
    • Nothing will be changing besides the fact the bot needs Manage Webhooks in the channel. Other then that, everything will be staying the same
Last modified 1yr ago